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Welcome toBearFit

We’re trainers who love nature and bears! We believe it’s important to be physically active and strong in order to withstand the daily trials of life. BearFit is a way of life by which you can be strong while following the seasonal lifestyle of a wild bear. Choose your own and achieve bear-like results!

Established in 2021, our main goal is to get you stronger. Being strong and healthy is important in life, whatever situation you’re in. Achieving greater strength means improving your quality of life and reaching your own personal goals. With BearFit, we developed a unique method of training inspired by the lifestyle of the bear which challenges you physically, mentally, and spirituality.

Reasons to choose for BearFit

Reduce stress

Get physically active, flexible, and strong to reduce your daily stress levels. Do this with our safe and efficient barbell training programs.


Boost your confidence by getting strong, lifting weights you thought were impossible to bear, and notice the benefits of a strong and healthy body.

Find inspiration

Get inspired by our different Bear types and set goals that match your personality and lifestyle.
Become the bear you want to be!

Connect with people

Meet our bear family, have fun together, and train hard. See the paths others are following and get motivated by sharing each other’s achievements.

Open your mind

Learn to understand the importance of physical strength for your daily life and sport-related goals. Leave behind any stigmas you had in the past about training for strength.

Get coached

Use our guiding hand in your adventure to become stronger and healthier. Connect with your coach and your inner self so it becomes easier to control your body and mind.