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Inspired by natureNaturally powerful!

BearFit method for strength training that has been inspired by our favorite animal: the bear. We took a good look at the lifestyle of this powerful creature, and found a way to translate it to an effective training method using traditional barbell exercises and natural movements through linear progression.

Our members find their inspiration in the Bear Types we designed. These types are specific routes you can follow towards a stronger body, a stronger mind , and achievements in (sports) performance. As a new member, you start out as a Bear Cub, and will need to work yourself up to a full grown bear. Your Bear Coach is there to help you throughout this process.

While a young cub at BearFit, you learn how to safely and efficiently perform the barbell exercises, and learn how to apply our linear progression system so that you gradually become stronger, every training, until you’re a full grown bear. As an adult bear, you start to train more and more specifically according to your Bear Type.

At BearFit, we train by the season, just like the bear. This means that members receive custom training programs every three months. Each bear has a different approach to the seasons of the year (a polar bear lives very differently than a panda bear). Your Bear Coach also analyses your technique and measures your performance regularly.

Seasonal training

To be a bear, you have to live like one. Be inspired by the natural seasons of our planet and train according to each environment.

Get strong

We apply an effective linear progression for drastic increases of strength, improving your life quality!

Barbell training

At BearFit, we make a lot of use of the barbell and its traditional exercises. We don’t use machines, we build them.

Meet our Bear Types

Just like us, every bear is different. They live all around the world, with their own lifestyles. We've translated these lifestyles to training styles and sports.

For more information, read about our Bear Types below:

Black Bear

A great all-rounder, this bear has a good balance in strength and endurance. Perfect for anything from obstacle racing to mountain biking.

Kodiak Bear

This massive bear focuses on lifting heavy weights and lifting explosively, and sees heavier weights as fun challenges.

Polar Bear

These bears like being outdoor when others don’t, often enjoying endurance sports such as trail running in the winter, in combination with lifting weights get strong(er).

Panda Bear

Laid-back and strong, a Panda practices strength training as a hobby to be healthy and have fun.