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Kodiak Bear

This massive bear focuses on lifting heavy weights and lifting explosively, and sees heavier weights as fun challenges. After your Bear Cub phase you will obtain your first Kodiak Bear program fitting the season you are in. Kodiak Bears like to peak in the summer, and lay low during the winter, but you’ll always be working towards heavy weights. The Kodiak Bear enjoys weightlifting as a sport, and the barbell training program you will follow is tailored to your needs by your Bear Coach.

The Kodiak Bear is the right path for you if you:

    • Are (possibly) competitive
    • Want to get into weightlifting
    • Prefer strength over endurance
    • Want to get as strong as possible

Trainer Details

Coach Dirk

Coach Dirk has years of experience working with barbell exercises and linear progressions; the key ingredients to getting strong. The Bear Method 'prototype' was realized after he combined his past experiences and knowledge into a dedicated training routine. With discipline and consistency, he gained great increases of strength (bringing his squat from 70kg to 105kg and his deadlift from 80kg to 120kg). When the COVID-19 pandemic started, and gyms closed, he used his newly gained strength to train out in the woods with calisthenics and running, where he noticed the benefits of 'getting strong'. Ever since, he has shifted to professional coaching and perfecting the Bear Method.

Class Timing