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Panda Bear

Laid-back and strong, a Panda practices strength training as a hobby to be healthy and have fun. After your Bear Cub phase you will obtain your first Panda Bear program. Panda Bears like to do whatever they want, whenever they want. They work on a constant and slow(er) progression while having fun and enjoying the process. As a Panda Bear, you can enjoy barbell training as it is or contemplate on your next steps after a peak in performance. The training program you will follow is tailored to your enjoyment, motivation, and aspirations, by your Bear Coach.

Coach Dirk is the Head Panda Bear Coach, taking in new Panda Bear cubs and making sure they grow into relaxed and strong adults.

The Panda Bear is the right path for you if you:

    • Aren’t (overly) competitive
    • Want to practice strength training as a hobby
    • Want to take things slow while still remain/becoming strong
    • Are looking for a laid-back period in your training adventure
    • Need some guidance in the (new) lifestyle of strength training and an active lifestyle

Trainer Details


When Coach Dirk is coaching or working on the Bear Method, and doesn't have the plans to peak in a sport or to achieve physical goals, he enters 'Panda mode'. He experiences the panda path as a good 'in-between' phase when things get busy or after he has achieved a peak in performance and wants to lay low for a while while still staying strong and active. With this personal experience, Coach Dirk loves to teach the BearFit Panda method, allowing people to stay active and be strong while taking a less intense approach with more creativity, different (relaxing) exercises and unique goals that may include the mental approaches to training and lifestyle changes.

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