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About David

After studying physiotherapy and having been employed for 5 years in several fitness centers, David eventually chose to become an independent entrepreneur. After learning different nieuw techniques as a group and fitness instructor, he acquired sufficient knowledge to become a personal trainer and set up his own company, YorACTION, on November 11th, 2008.


Ever since, with the aid of YorACTION and his team, many people from Helmond and even from Belgium have been challenged to achieve their own, health-related personal goals. David is still a trainer at YorACTION.


David’s workouts are characterized by safe and challenging exercises which will eventually lead you to maximum results. The view from David hasn’t changed much, since 2008. He firmly believes in the motto of his company, with our service, we bring people to the next level, either socially, physically or mentally: “YorACTION, training that gets you there”.


Job description
Personal trainer in fitness, endurance sports, and Physiotherapist.


Many customers have so far achieved their goals under David’s guidance: from losing 8 kg in eight weeks to rehabilitation processes for medical complications including: diabetes, suppressing chronic complaints and reducing back pain. Achieving sportive achievements include increasing muscle mass, improving fitness and fulfilling dreams such as cycling up the Mont Ventoux, running a marathon, or becoming a better triathlete.


David started his work as a fitness instructor at several fitness centers. At the same time, he followed several internal training courses to eventually grow into the personal trainer he is nowadays. In the meantime, he has completed specific courses related to physiotherapy, such as Medical Fitness Training, and Sports Performance Training.


David’s coaching method is focused in safe, challenging workouts. David is trained to help you recover from injuries by applying manual treatment techniques, massages and sports tape. Given his educational background in both physiotherapy and his own experience with top sport, David can guide you safely through: Endurance sports (such as cycling, running and swimming); Functional strength training (increase in strength and muscle mass like that of a polar bear); and Improving overall fitness (losing weight, improving stamina, being toned and fit)


Favorite bear
Definitely the polar bear. That majestic mammal is so closely related to David that it even scares him. The polar bear can basically endure any kind of weather, wherever, whenever. However, as powerful as that bear seems to be, it is uttermost vulnerable to the loss of its own, natural habitat due to climate change and over population even in the most remote areas of the world. Like a polar bear, David enjoys being ‘out there’, where places are the quietest, most peaceful and less affected by human interference.